Are you implementing a shared service centre strategy?

  • How complete is the journey?
  • Are all of the major stakeholders aligned to ensure success?
  • Is the centre fully rolled out, optimised and running smoothly?

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Shared Service

Are your business units, divisions or portfolios underperforming?

  • Would you like to improve the bottom line by 20%?
  • How long will you let the management team under perform?
  • How quickly would you like to see this improvement?

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Do you need to “turnaround” your business or require a major cost reduction exercise?

  • Are your businesses in denial about their financial situation?
  • Do the management recognise something MUST be done?
  • Prepared to take tough decisions to resolve the situation?

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Have you been through a merger or acquisition and require integration assistance?

  • Do you have an integration strategy?
  • Is the team aligned to drive the business forward?
  • Does the business have the capability to deliver results?

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Programme Management Uncovered

  • A series of weekly articles highlighting the ‘real life experiences of a Programme Manager’
  • Includes a collection of observations, anecdotes, tools and methodologies
  • Each article covers a specific stage of the programme life cycle

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